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What You Should Know About Crystal Oscillators What you should know is that the crystal oscillator is one kind of electronic oscillator that makes use of the crystal as a frequency selective element in order to get inverse piezoelectric effect. This would use mechanical tone of vibrating crystal that comes with piezoelectric properties to have an electric signal which comes with high-precision frequency. Be aware that the crystal oscillators are superior to those ceramic resonators due to the reason that they have lower cost, higher quality, stability and they are also smaller in their size. Know that in the crystal oscillators, the electrical resonant circuit is actually replaced with mechanically vibrating crystal. The crystal has high degree of stability to be able to hold constant at any frequency that the crystal is cut in order to work. Therefore, the crystal oscillators are used whenever great stability is required for instance in the communication transmitters, the receivers, the digital clocks and others. Quartz crystal would exhibit such very important property which is known as piezo-electric effect. When there is mechanical pressure applied across the faces of the crystal, a voltage is proportional to the applied mechanical pressure which appears across the crystal. When the voltage is applied to the crystal surfaces, the crystal becomes distorted with the amount proportional to the applied voltage. The changing voltage being applied to the crystal would result it to vibrate to a normal frequency. Apart from the quartz, there are other substances that show the piezo-electric effect including tourmaline and Rochelle salt.
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The crystal oscillators are the primary example of those fixed-frequency oscillators in which the accuracy and the stability are quite important considerations. They are going to use the same circuits in which the other kinds of oscillators with such difference wherein the crystal would replace the tuned circuit. In crystal oscillators, a crystal would vibrate when the resonator and also the resulting frequency would determine the oscillation’s frequency. This means that the crystals are going to act the same with the circuit that comes with inductor, resistor and capacitor that has accurate resonant frequency. In some situations, to be able to have a better thermal stability for the crystal oscillator, the temperature compensation is being applied.
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You must know that there are so many benefits when crystal oscillators are being used in the digital applications. The crystals may be made to have better range of specific frequencies. Compared to tuned circuits, the crystals would have a high Q-factor, better frequency stability and temperature stability unlike the RC oscillators or those LC oscillators. The crystals that are utilized in the crystal oscillators have very low phrase noise. These are utilized primarily in the digital integrated circuits because of having a stable clock signal as well as certain applications which require high-frequency reference.