Types of networks

The dimensions are small, so it’s perfect for traveling because it fits in your pocket and weighs nothing. But apart from the design, what you have to be clear about to start looking for your MiFI is to know what you are going to need it for and what mobile network you have available to where you are going on a trip.

If you are a little lost in this of the networks, we briefly describe the possible options and why they serve you. There are 2G, 3G and recently 4G networks.

The 2G and 3G networks are networks that are very widespread and we find them covering many populated areas japan wifi rental cheap and more remote where there is not so much civilization, so if we are going to move through all kinds of areas these will be the networks that we can use.

4G networks at the moment are very focused on capitals, cities and urban centers, therefore you will be very good if you are going to be moving around these places. Its connection speed is faster but at the same time the consumption of the data of your rate is also faster so the cost of the expenses will be higher since you will have to recharge your card more often.

Keep in mind that to connect to a 4G network, you must be in an area with 4G coverage, have a MiFi 4G, a 4G SIM and your rate is 4G. 4Gentiendes?

As a council, we believe that in general, the option of MiFi with the two types of 2G and 3G connections will be a better option, first for being cheaper and second for covering more geographical areas and fewer requirements to be able to use it.

You can find a lot of MiFi in the market. Starting pocket wifi japan from the base that must be free terminals you can choose the one you like, although we will leave you a couple of recommendations:

With 4G, 3G and 2G connection: Huawei E5776. Supports up to 10 devices connected by WiFi simultaneously. You can connect via WiFi or via USB to a computer.With 3G and 2G connection: Huawei E5331. The latter is one of the most used and that has given better results. As this model is what we have and you can connect up to 8 teams. You can connect via WiFi or via USB to a computer.

Therefore, when choosing your MiFi model, the essential thing is that you know what you need and what you need it for.

Where to buy free MiFi?

The first thing you have to know is that the Japan wifi promotion MiFi, as we have already said, has to be liberalized, that is, it does not belong to any company, so we discarded any telephone company to acquire this device.

Why? Well, because if you want to travel around the world you need to be free to be able to put different SIM cards in each country you go to and not be a Movistar MiFi or Orange, for example.