Three Important Considerations When Switching Halide Bulbs With A 400w LED Bay Lamp

Companies large and small are choosing to reduce their operational expenses and do something good for the environment by converting any halide bulbs with LED replacements, which use significantly less energy and have an increased lifespan. Before the owner of a company thinks about making the switch, several considerations should be addressed. With the right planning, it is possible to save money by reducing utility and maintenance costs with energy efficient light bulbs.

Life Span

One of the benefits of an LED bulb is that it can last three times as long as a traditional bulb and reduces the cost of maintenance by requiring fewer changes. One item that is often overlooked when changing to LED powered light sources is the amount of heat that can build up inside the light fixture. Many business owners find that removing the protective lens cover can help reduce overall heat production and allow the bulb to last its advertised life expectancy.

Conversion Kits

Making the switch to a 400w LED bay lamp may require the use of a conversion adapter, depending on the age and style of the light fixture. It is essential to research the various bulbs available and choose one that is designed to work in commercial applications, so there isn’t an additional expense associated with the upgrade. Though it is a nominally priced part, the cost of purchasing conversion kits for several hundred light fixtures can quickly add up.

Light Quality

One of the most common complaints associated with LED powered bulbs is that the light that they provide is often overly blue. It is widely known that the brighter the LED bulb that is chosen, the bluer its light will be. However, manufacturers now produce them so that they can create a more natural spectrum. Research the various models available, and choose one that will provide the most comfortable light color without being overly bright.

Replacing standard halide bulbs with LED replacements can help save money without causing a company to sacrifice a quality light source. See how affordable LED light bulbs are to purchase and operate and take the first step in reducing a company’s monthly utility expenses.