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How IT Has Positively Impacted the Health Care Industry The healthcare sector is one of the longest existing sectors. Being that it has been around for a good while, it is one of the industries with an amazing growth rate. In some nations this industry is extensively privatized. This essentially means that the poorer people don’t have access to quality healthcare services like the rich do. conversely, in some countries healthcare is treated as a public affair and governments strive to ensure that every tax payer gets the necessary healthcare services. It goes without saying that this industry has experienced a lot of expansion and one of the best things yet in the field of healthcare is probably the inclusion of information technology in management of health records. Below are some of the ways in which IT has enhanced management of healthcare records though electronic records. IT Has Facilitated the Privacy and Security OF Patient Data Healthcare has really improved in how the patient records are kept, especially with regard to security and privacy. Unlike many years ago when records were stored in hard copy files, today computing data has made work much easier in this sector. Having such information on soft copy enables health workers to keep them secure because nobody except for those with authorization is capable of seeing such records. This is good because it maintains the confidentiality of patients and clients especially in the field of psychiatry and mental health.
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Because of the advancements in technology, healthcare providers have an easier time searching and pulling up patient records. Earlier on, patient information had to be hand written or typed using a typewriter and stored in hard copy formats on shelves. Back then storage was quite a challenge because it would take ages to retrieve files and records especially in large health organizations. With the advancement of technology, it is possible for clients to get better health care services because they don’t have to wait ages to have their files pulled up before they can see the doctor. The process is easier because searching for a patient’s details is easy when using a computer and it is very rare to get the details of a wrong patient. Lowers Costs When records are stored electronically, there is obviously less paper work to deal with. This means that less people have to be paid to write up records or duplicate certain documents. Hospitals are able to spend less because they can use secure networks to send information from one center to another center of the same hospital. This means no money is required to send things such as patient results to a certain specialist in a different hospital. There is no telling what the future of IT in healthcare holds, what can be predicted is that both patients and health practitioners are set to benefit.