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Computer Maintenance and Repair: Guidelines to Follow A computer is an electronic device that is involved in performance of various tasks. Businesses would find their operations difficult if they never used computers. A computer completes online transactions. Large chunks of information are stored in a computer. Apart from typing, members of an organization are linked together by computers. This does not only make work easy and efficient but also better. With this in mind, it is important to take proper care of computers to increase performance, speed, and productivity. Below are some of the computer maintenance tips. There exist programs you have never used since you bought your computer. These programs make your computer perform slower. They also occupy unnecessary space. Instead of making your computer run slower, find time and uninstall all the programs you do not use. Other than creating more space for other important files, your computer speed is enhanced. Ensure that your computer is cleaned on a regular basis. Over time, computer’s keyboard trap dirt in between keys. Dirt blocks your computer’s system and causes overheating. What may result is your computer being damaged. Instead of incurring repair or replacement costs, set time for cleaning your computer. You can settle for cleaning it after a week or month. At the comfort of your home or business, get cleaning tools and carry out the cleaning yourself. Other times you are encouraged to make use of cooling fans. This is because they are suitable for cooling computer’s temperature.
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The monitor enables the user to view whatever tasks they are commanding the computers. After a number of days, it becomes filled with dirt, fingerprints and other spots. To clean the monitor, you are required to have a special cleaning agent and a cleaning wipe specialized for the screen. The act of cleaning the monitor does not only improves visibility but also prevent the formation of permanent marks. Liquids are known to damage computers because they are electronic devices. At no point should you spill food or water on the motherboard of your laptop. Eat in appropriate places when it is time for eating. Do not store liquids in the room where you keep your computers. The expenses incurred when repairing a computer damaged by liquids is close to buying a new machine.
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The tools of your PC should be updated now and then. Any antivirus is removed by cleaning the PC. Ensure that your computer tools are up to date. You can increase the efficiency of your computer by updating the drives. Using old tools makes your computer slow and ineffective. Generally, computers are used in creation of documents. The files and folders of a firm’s operation are kept in a computer. There’s a time when piling up of such documents limits the space of your computer. To free up some space and ensure that your computer works properly, delete all the unnecessary files and folders from your computer.