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What You Need When Planning for a Ceremonial Sand Wedding

The unification of two families into one family can be symbolized by a sand wedding ceremony. The couple that is in wedding will have two different colored sand and they will each take turns to pour the sand into one vessel, and this will form a layered effect. In the wedding ceremony the person officiating it will talk about the meaning of the wedding, and he will hand over to the couple each a colored vase.

Pouring of the sand into a central vase will be started by the groom, the bride will then follow suit, this will create a layer of sand in the central vase. There are other people that will be allowed to pour the sand into the central vase like the family that is participating. In order to complete the unification, each person will be required to pour the sand at the same time so as to symbolize a united family.

There are a few items that you need to look for if you are organizing a wedding sand ceremony. You will be required to have different color sand for all the people that will be participating. The amount of sand you will be required to bring will be highly dependent on the vase you will be trying to fit. Another option to get the kits that you need is to purchase from the retailers, different retailer will provide you with the kits that you need.

Having a vase for each person participating in the wedding ceremony is required, you will need to fill the vase with sand. Having a vase that has a narrow opening that is enough is important when you want the sand to pour out cleanly. You will also need an empty vase; the vase that you choose should be something you can display in your house once the ceremony is done.

For the place that the wedding ceremony will take place, you will need to have a small table at the altar. It is also important to ensure that you have cotton balls and clear tape for the ceremony, these will help you in the easy transport of the vase. You will fill the empty vase with cotton balls and then you will have to tape the top so that you can secure the cotton balls, this is a safe way that you can use to transport your vase. Personalization can be done on the vase that you buy, you can have the vase written your name. You can select the sand from the beaches that you love or you can find the sand in the place that you grew up.

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