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Postpartum Depression 101

One of the many things that is considered to be a part of adjusting to becoming a mother is none other than postpartum depression. The reason why there is postpartum depression is because the hormonal changes are fluctuating. To go through anxiety, crying, mood swings and exhaustion is what the mother will experience in this stage. If after two to three weeks the baby blues still will not go away then you are now experiencing what is called postpartum depression. To think of suicidal thoughts is as a matter of fact what some mothers will tend to think of when the postpartum depression is already extreme.

The cause of the postpartum depression according to the experts is the hormonal changes brought by pregnancy and delivery as well. When a woman will go through delivery, what will happen is that there is a big drop in the progesterone and estrogen. The woman also experiences depression and fatigue since there is also a drop in the thyroid levels. There will be other changes in the mental health of the mother such as changes in metabolism, blood pressure and immunity function. The women that are sensitive to these kinds of changes are bound to experience postpartum depression – this is something that experts have been arguing on.

The postpartum depression actually comes with signs and symptoms. The signs such as feeling guilty, negative feeling towards the baby, feeling worthless and lack of interest in your baby are in fact only a few examples. The lack of concern for your own welfare, sleeping more or less, worry about hurting the baby and changes in appetite are a few more of these symptoms. Actually, those are not the only signs and symptoms for the reason that there are actually more.
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There are actually women that are at a higher risk of developing postpartum depression. These women are those that have a history of sever PMS. For a woman to be able to get postpartum depression will actually be increased when she is ill while she is pregnant or she had a difficult labor. If the pregnancy of the woman is also not planned then this is also an increase in the chance of getting the disorder.
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If you are a woman then you should know that you need not be afraid of the postpartum depression. The main reason as to why being afraid of this is not necessary is because of the fact that there is treatment for this. The treatment is as a matter of fact in the form of the psychotherapy. The mothers that are breastfeeding their mothers is as a matter of fact best suited for this kind of treatment. The baby will not be in risk with this kind of treatment which is why this is the better choice compared to medications.