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Applications of Air Operated Diaphragm in Several Industrial Sectors

Many individuals may only be familiar with air pumps as equipment for aeration. However, this is only one part of the capabilities of this innovative technology. Specifically, pneumatic diaphragm pumps can be utilized in many industrial sectors such as mining, automotive, marine, and even food sectors. Furthermore, its practical use can be noticed in situations of zero electricity or highly flammable spaces and components. This content will shed light on some of the industries that enjoy the benefits of diaphragm or membrane pumps.

Applications of AOD Pumps in Paint Companies

A lot of substances in paint industries get to evaporate easily which makes it become a serious issue. Further, some chemicals are even prone to fire accidents, explosions, and other related mishaps. A great air operated diaphragm pump could provide a maximum seal to address both the quick evaporative capacity and its flammable feature. In addition, it also has the capacity to pump highly viscous fluids like some components in paints.

Food Industry

Won’t the food industries transfer food items in the cleanest and safest method? Perhaps, you may say that there are “many ways to kill a cat” and you could think about several approaches; but surely, AOD pumps can be one of them. In some resources, these tools are even part of the FDA requirements.

Applications of AOD Pumps in Automotive Market

A lot of automotive fluid products are needed to be transferred or replaced. In essence, AOD pumps are useful in oil and fuel transfers and auto lube tasks.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps in Environmental Concern Companies

There could be plenty of industrial chemicals utilized in varieties of companies which can be hazardous to human and environmental health.

Industrial components which are known to be volatile or flammable can get to the surroundings when there is no effective system and tools used. For this reason, a suitable air pump would be beneficial in preventing unfavorable situation to happen and provide safety to all living organisms, including man.

Well, there could be a lot more industries where diaphragm pump is necessary and most of these usually make use of abrasive, viscous, and flammable substances. But still, you may ask if all brands of this tool are similar? Absolutely not! Different manufacturers may produce different types of diaphragm pumps. Maybe this could be used for the same purpose but it would definitely differ on its quality, additional features, and the cost. So generally, when you are looking for a diaphragm pump available out there on the market, always see to it to obtain one having those features or attributes formerly pointed out. You may be needed to invest time and effort in doing a thorough research just to have the best unit but don’t you worry about it for you will see the fruit of your labor later on.
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