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Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Diseases

Stem cell therapy is considered a new medical therapy avenue. While stem cell therapy has a very controversial history, there are many diseases that can be healed by stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is not always available because of this community backlash. However, now that more people have discovered that stem cell therapy is successful and not as controversial as previously thought, more and more are choosing this therapy as a viable medical treatment option. Stem cell therapy can be very successful, especially when it comes to treating a variety of lung diseases.

Previously, people have spoken out against stem cell therapy due to fetal involvement in the process. To put it simply, that is not the only reality. There are other ways to retrieve stem cells that do not include embryos or fetuses. Stem cells are also found in umbilical cords, and stem cell banks have become more popular in recent years. Once people realized this, more people have worked to legalize stem cell therapy. While some countries still have bans on stem cell therapy and research, their number is diminishing as education grows.

Various lung diseases can be healed or even cured by stem cell therapy, including lung cancer. When it comes to healing lung diseases, the therapy process is pretty standard. Harvested stem cells are inserted via injection into the patient’s lung tissue. The stem cells then begin to morph themselves into lung tissue. Stem cells then begin division into new tissue growth. These cells multiply and create quickly, producing healthy tissue and healthy blood cells. The old harmed cells are replaced by new fresh cells, thus curing the previous diseased lung tissue.
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Currently, stem cell treatment has the ability to do things like improve the function of the lungs. In the future, doctors and surgeons hope to be able to grow complete lungs to replace damaged ones. This way, people would no longer have to go through painful transplant surgeries, completely revolutionizing the medical community. Many people have seen great results from stem cell treatment. As the tissues grow and change, patients should take good care of themselves for the best results and success rates.
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Doctors make sure that the stem cell injections are compatible with the body of the patient. These injections area also typically added in with some type of medication for the patient before they are injected into the tissue. After injection, patients are typically given some type of support medications and are encouraged to be on a good diet and vitamin regimen. The success of the therapy is dependent on the healthy body of the patient. While the new healthy cells are growing, it is vital that patients stay away from cigarette smoke, and do not drink alcohol. It is important for success that patients follow all the directions of their medical professional.

Stem cell therapy is an excellent choice for many when it comes to treatment of lung disease.