Event Wifi

The default choice for event internet will often be the internet solutions provided by the facility itself. These may be several years out-of-date and there’s a very good chance that they are far more expensive than they really ought to be. However, they keep getting used because people don’t know that they have options. There is nothing stopping a planner from securing wifi at events without using the facilities technology. In fact, this will often be the better choice.

For WiFi hotspot rental or to secure bandwidth for your event, look to Trade Show Internet. They specialize in event internet and their premier Xirrus system is specially designed for the high density atmosphere of a large event. The unique 360 degree design is made to deliver a robust WiFi signal to a large area, inside or out.

With their CONNECT service, they not only provide the Xirrus system, but certified technicians and an on-site monitoring station for your network.