Drones Monitoring

We live in a time of change. Technical innovations change our lives every day. Sometimes they seep out gradually and at first hardly noticed in our lives – sometimes the upheavals are massive and immediately noticeable. A major technical development of the past few years, which has the potential to change our daily lives, is the advancement of the drone technology. The small remote-controlled flight robots are no longer used for military purposes. They have also enjoyed increasing popularity as a means of transport and for camera flights. In this way, the security sector also benefits from the progress of the drones monitoring. The increasingly maneuverable and controllable models are ideally suited as mobile scouts for the security service.

Drones have the advantage of being fast and quiet, and also in angles to which no man can penetrate. Also their rotation and mobility in all directions opens a drone movement patterns that a burglar would not normally expect. While conventional surveillance cameras are firmly installed and patrol lines can be easily captured with the human eye, a small flying aircraft that is practically silent above the heads is rarely perceived. Thus a drone surveillance supports our security decisively.

Drones monitoring can save lives

In dealing with armed offenders, an escalation of the danger situation can also be prevented by sending drones deliberately as scouts. In this way, the situation of a burglary can be ensured on site and the police can be informed by radio connection to the emergency service center. In this way, first important information, for example on the number and armament of the perpetrators, can be collected without danger to humans.

We use the drone monitoring at your request or also on our own recommendation especially for the protection of the works, object protection and the protection of construction sites. Through their view from the bird’s-eye view, a drone can naturally cover a much larger area for guarding than a single person or even a permanently installed camera. In addition, there is no so-called “dead angle”, because the camera can be quickly swung around and the movements of the drone cannot be anticipated. Even if drones may still be a bit like science fiction, there is always a person in the game who has control over the flying observer.

The transmission of the data from the drone camera takes place in real time and works thanks to infrared even in twilight and in the dark.

Keep an overview and expand

A drone monitoring can be set up quickly and with little effort. We use the classic control method for our bets using a tablet computer. The drone has only to be set up and calibrated and it can start. For friends of technical innovation, however, the control system can also be carried out today using a highly modern 3D spectacle. Here your security force becomes almost as a pilot of the drone and can thus “recognize” its “environment even better. The disadvantage is, of course, that for the duration of the flight an employee can react less to his / her physical environment. That is why it is also case-dependent to us how and to what extent we use drones to protect your company.

We are currently using Quadrocopters for our drones, as these are very easy to control thanks to their four rotors and are stable even in windy weather. However, the use of the drone monitoring is limited by the recharge times, which up to now are at most 30 minutes (on the Walkera TALI H500 Hexacopter), on average even a quarter of an hour. The drone monitoring can thus only supplement the presence by trained personnel, but for many reasons it certainly will not replace it in the long run. Thus, the drone is to be understood as a “prolonged arm” of the human being, whose movements are “natural” and do not follow any algorithm – one of the great strengths of this new technological development. Drones are thus predestined for missions in difficult terrain, which at the same time require an attentive – human – eye.