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The Benefits Of Every Door Direct Mail To Different Businesses

What exactly is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail was created by The USPS. This is actually a program that allows businesses to send large and over sized postcards to their clients without buying a mailing list or printing certain addresses on your own mail piece. This can get the marketing message of your business directly to your consumers and the mail preparation cost will be much cheaper. USPS offer this program at a cheaper price, the cost per piece is .145 cents.

6.5″ by 11″, 17″ by 11″,9″ by 6.25″ and 11″ X 6.26″ are the sizes that are offered by Every Door Direct Mail. These sizes of postcards can really help in making your business stand out and get a higher response rate from people.

You do not need to pay for mailing list and this is another advantage that is provided by Every Door Direct Mail. Your mail will be sent to every client that is in the list as long as it is in the route of the courier. Many real estate agents are applying for the Every Door Direct Mail program of USPS since they can target neighborhoods of their choosing at a much cheaper rate. A lot of restaurants are very fond of this program since they use this to introduce and promote their menu. Retail stores use this program to introduce their sale. Spas, fitness gym, hair salons, are also using Every Direct Door Mail to promote their opening and services. There are plenty of businesses that have tried using the program, are really providing good reviews. The program is simple and can be used by all kinds of businesses.
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Here are the ways on how you can use the program:
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A. The mail house can process your mail

The first step is that they will process your paperwork based on the guidelines and rules of the post office.

Next, is that they will prepare your mail even the bundling and shipping the mail pieces directly to you.

The last step is taking your mail to the post office, then you can control everything.

B. You process your own mail

First step is that you should have your own postcard or have it made.

Second step is by getting proper paperwork in the website of USPS.

The third step is by separating your orders into bundles of 50.

The last step is taking your mail to the post office, then you can control everything.