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Ratters and Hackers: The Dangers of Not Monitoring your Web Camera Ratting is one of the newest trends among hackers and perhaps is the most awful. Ratting is derived from the initials of the words Remote Access Tools where it is an act of hacking into a computer such as a laptop or desktop computer and placing a software to control the webcam and record everything which can be seen by the device. This hideous act is being done by a lot of hackers nowadays which can damage the lives of the people being recorded. Without the victims knowing, their videos which may contain situations which are compromising are being uploaded over the internet. Hackers also alter the recorded videos of the victim to make it more compromising to make it a great tool for blackmail. In some cases, hackers trade the video of the victim which they have recorded to other ratters or hackers for their own viewing pleasure. Ratting can be considered as a form of personal injury to others even if there was no physical interaction between hacker and the victim. The simple act of uploading a video over the internet to expose a n individual is something which is not easily reverted and is considered as a form of injury. What makes things even worse is that what is uploaded or posted over the internet is mostly permanent because of duplication.
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On top of that, hackers or ratters also use their hacking or ratting skills to frighten individuals and cause them emotional injury or stress. Aside from hacking the webcam to record individuals, hackers and ratters can also control different parts of the computer such as the dvd drive, open and close programs which are in use, and more. Hackers and ratters consider the harassment as a form of entertainment which is very twisted.
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To remedy this sort of problem, the only thing to do is to report or file a report to the police and hire a personal injury lawyer or attorney to sue the hacker for damages. The home owner’s policy of the hacker or ratter or even their company policy if they are doing the act while they are at work can be sued by the personal injury lawyer or attorney. By following these safety measures, you will be able to avoid being a victim of privacy intrusion: If you are not using your webcam, be sure to check that the light is turned off or that the camera is turned off. Run a security scan on your computer to maximize your security after you have deactivated your camera. Install a trusted antivirus software on your computer and always remember to do weekly or better yet, daily security scans. Using webcam cover or laptop camera cover is also effective, and you can also use custom webcam covers. This is the most simple and non-costly solution in blocking remote viewing.