7 Great Resources for Getting Started in Graphic Design

Knowing the basics when it comes to Graphic Design, as well as, being knowledgeable on using key programs and applications are important skill sets for all creative professionals. But even when you are just starting out in your career as a graphic artist and have the latest devices like the microsoft surface pro  to push your creative output further, there is always room for development and in learning new things.

Fortunately enough, the web offers a lot of online resources that will come in handy so you can have a grasp on the fundamentals once you enter the world of graphic design. Here is a list of some resource materials you can brush up on so that you are one step closer to becoming a great creative professional.

1.       Key Terms Every Graphic Designers Should Know

Let’s start with the basics. Every graphic artist should familiarize themselves with design terminologies and jargons. This article listed key terms that are used in major applications & software as well as in phrases for communicating with other professionals. So be sure to read up on this so you don’t get lost in the conversation.

2.       Introduction to Typography

Typography is an integral part in visual marketing and, most importantly, it has rules. This course features the best practices for designing and using a typeface.

3.       Golden Rules to Live By When Combining Fonts

For starters, knowing the rules and basic guidelines first will help you get a better sense of things when creating your own concept.

4.       Introduction to Graphic Design

This lesson is perfect for beginners since the course is free to access for Udemy users.

5.       Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Here you get to learn the importance of designing with words and picture and why  they are the building blocks of graphic design.

6.       Learn Adobe Photoshop From Scratch

Like any other graphic artist, most of your work will be done in Adobe Photoshop. So, you’ll need to familiarize yourself using this software through this course.

7.       Digital Coulour Mixing Explained

There’s a difference in the colour output from digital painting and traditional media.  This course will help explain all the fundamentals to colour mixing.

Feel free to explore all these recommendations. These can greatly help build up your creative portfolio once you’ve got a good grasp on all the design principles so that you can create better content and have a wider knowledge on creative marketing.